A60 Poki SR / LMD-HS-R

Shipdoor A-60 "A60 Poki SR / LMD-HS-R"

A-60 single-leaf hinged fire-door, type "A60 Poki SR / LMD-HS-R",
Certificate USCG.

Door complete with three point latch, handle and plate, provided for cylinder.
Doorleaf both sides with 1,0 mm galvanised steel sheet.
Frame like a z-profile around the door or with sill like a l-, u- or flatbar.
Frame for welding and bolding.
Doorleaf and frame primed.
Maximum size: 1125 x 2100 mm
Weight: 54 kg/m² / doorleaf


doorleaf with doorcloser
doorleaf pvc-coated steel sheet
doorleaf and frame stainless steel sheet
frame with sealing
doorleaf with panic bar
doorleaf with recessed handles
doorleaf with electromagnet