A60-2 Poki DR / LMD-HD-R

Shipdoor A-60 "A60-2 Poki DR / LMD-HD-R"

A-60 double-leaf hinged fire-door, type "A60-2 Poki DR / LMD-HD-R",
GL-EL-Certificate 50664-03 Lux, ABS, RRS, TC, USCG.

Active doorleaf complete with lock as per DIN 18250, handle and plate,
provided for cylinder, non active leaf with two lock system.
Doorleaves both sides with 1,0 mm galvanised steel sheet.
Frame like a z-profile around the door or with sill like a l-, u- or flatbar.
Frame for welding and bolting.
Doorleaves and frame primed.

Maximum size: 2250 x 2100 mm
Weight: 54 kg/m² / doorleaf


doorleaf with doorcloser
doorleaf pvc-coated steel sheet
doorleaf and frame stainless steel sheet
frame with sealing
doorleaf with concealed doorcloser
doorleaf with panic bar
doorleaf with recessed handles
doorleaf with electromagnet
doorleaf with doorselector
doorleaf with 3-point-latch